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~British webcomic artist and writer~
~19, female and aromantic/asexual~
~Quite the ill person too~
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Whilst waiting for this week’s page to finish itself, I decided to draw some future issue characters! Without spoiling anything…:

Maysa is a Muslim of Saudi Arabian/Malaysian descent (this part isn’t written in stone; I need to do more research) and a well respected doctor/field medic who actually knows very little of her family’s religion due to her upbringing and the War erasing most of Earth’s culture, but is determined to learn everything she can about it so she may bring it back to what it once was. One of her most well-known achievements was escaping capture from Techs by poisoning them and overloading their systems (though not without sustaining grave injury to her face, which is where the scars come from).

There is a lot more to know about Maysa but it’s full of spoilers so you’ll have to wait~


waking me up in the morning


when you’re in class and the group of people behind you won’t shut up



brocks fuckiing eyes ARE YIU SERIYOUS

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